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refrigerated wine storage cabinets

With a refrigerated wine cellar restaurants and bars also have an esthetic and practical storage unit for their wine stock. See more on commercial wine coolers and refrigerators. Recommended Refrigerated Wine Cellars & Wine Cabinets. Vinotheque wine cellars are high quality, elegant units with many customization options.

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the best wine coolers The Best Wine Coolers (Updated for 2017) – Appliance. – Nothing seems to confuse consumers more than wine coolers. In this article we take an in-depth look at some of the best wine coolers on the.

Our new and improved line of custom built-in refrigerated wine cabinets allows us to fill a void that has been in the wine storage industry for years – fully customized wine cabinet options available direct to the consumer at an affordable price point.

Custom Wine Cabinet Gallery Whether it’s a built-in or a freestanding wine cabinet you’re looking for, Vinotemp will design and create a one-of-a-kind storage piece to meet your needs for both style and function. For over 30 years, Vinotemp has been crafting custom refrigerated wine cabinets and displays for private homes as well as commercial properties while keeping quality and style in.

Top Storage Cabinets from World-Renowned Brands. brand "Le Cache", get the highest quality refrigerated cabinets, engineered and made in the USA.

wine cooler vs refrigerator

Refrigerated wine cabinets offer a stand-alone, temperature-controlled storage solution for wine collectors storing wine for over one year. refrigerated cabinets usually plug into a wall outlet and keep wine cool, allowing it to age properly and ensuring it does not spoil due to high temperatures.

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Wine Cabinet Cooling Units. The Wine Cabinet Cooler Series provides the most efficient "Cabinet Cooling vs. Space Requirement" ratio. It is perfect when a very low set point is desired, such as when storing white wines or Champagne at serving temperature. The CC Series is the ideal choice for wine cabinets and wine closets.