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Wind exposures, along with the orientation of the sun and other geographical considerations, are often taken into account.

. over time. The only question is: how long will your favorite wine stay drinkable and delicious?. Keep Your Wine Cool. You don't need a.

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Oregon in America's Pacific north-west has staked its wine reputation on cool- climate Pinot Noir (presumably inspired by its distinctly Burgundian wet autumns) .

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. terroir and vine and have realized just how the diversity of Napa Valley's soil, Climate: Cool, mountain influenced with temperatures about 10-15 cooler.

Investing in a wine cooler is a good idea for the avid wine drinker. Coolers can keep your wine fresh for a longer period of time compared with leaving them on a rack. Depending on the type of wine you have – red, white or both -you should set your wine cooler to very specific temperatures.

A cooler growing season and late harvest resulted in wines of purity and. Warm late season rescued a cooler-than-average vintage; ripe reds show good.

Dinner parties are meant to be elegant, don’t let warm wine ruin your night. Inspired by sophistication, this stylish portable wine cooler will never disappoint. Constructed with vacuum insulated, double walled stainless steel, our personalized wine chill

Hoover wine coolers are professional tools in addition to being true furniture items for wine lovers. They can store from 7 to 46 bottles at the right temperature.

“I think it’s cooler than hell,” said Kelly, who was returning to Tsawwassen after delivering. The one-year trial allows.

Dinner is ready, the family seated at the table. It's time to pour the wine. As family sommelier, you carefully cut the foil that covers the top of the.

Wine cellar refrigeration and wine cellar cooling units offers total environmental control of your custom wine cellar. Call for a free BTU analysis to determine the perfect wine cellar cooling unit for you.